Quality Assurance

Independent Quality Inspections

Whether you are commissioning the service or providing the service Athena Social Work Services can carry out an independent quality audit for you. This is based on current legal and good practice guidance. A tailored report outlining both service strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for service improvement is provided. Athena Social Work Services are happy to carry out follow up inspections to track improvements and further recommendations.

We can help you develop a robust and effective internal audit process to meet the needs and resources of your organisation. This will cover all the key areas including the recruitment, retention and ongoing support and supervision of all staff, health and safety of the working environment, care plans, risk assessments, issues of mental capacity and standards of recording.

Where an organisation has an existing quality assurance policy, we can audit this to ensure it is fit for purpose and provide advice and guidance to improve compliance. In doing this we can help you improve outcomes for adults with care and support needs while minimising the risks to your organisation.

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