Delivering Best Value

The Athena Social Work Services’ directors have over 40 years combined experience in both the provider and statutory social care sectors. Using this experience, they have developed an Assessment and Review process that is evidence and strengths based that takes into account community assets before turning to paid care. In addition, issues of risk and mental capacity are assessed to enable the individual to retain choice and control leading to improved wellbeing. This enables commissioning authorities to achieve Best Value in delivering efficient, economic and effective services.

Case Study – Cluster Housing Scheme

Cluster housing scheme of eight 4 to 6 bedroomed accessible homes for people with learning and physical disabilities. Each home had two to three staff working 24 hours a day. Through identifying the peak care times and installing assistive technology such as enuresis and epilepsy monitors over £200,000 per annum was saved on staffing while at the same time reducing risks and increasing privacy and dignity for the tenants.

Case Study – Residential School  

D, a young 18-year-old man, had been placed at a specialist residential college in Newcastle at the age of 14.  The college felt that they were the only place that could meet his needs and requested funding for a further year with a view to him then moving into their supported living provision.  However, following our assessment, this young man returned to the borough to live with his parents. He is attending a supported course at the local college and is doing very well.  He is accessing all services within a few miles of his home and he lives successfully with his family. £60,000 per annum was saved across adults social care and education departments in the borough.